Shelly-Ann Sarran shows where she and her family jumped out of their burning home at Garth Road, Princes Town during a fire on Divali morning.

There was no Divali for the Deonarine family, and there will be no Christmas either, as they were left with only the clothes on their backs after fleeing their burning house yesterday.

Fire destroyed the home where Shelly-Ann Saran, 40, her husband Sherwyn Deonarine, 40 and children Kaylon, six and Kryslon, two, slept. Trapped in their bedroom, the family had to break a hole in the wall and jump through as fire engulfed most of the lower story of the house at Garth Road, Princes Town.

A report stated that Deonarine’s uncle, Kelvin, 54, was asleep on the upper story when around 3.30 am, the scent of smoke woke him. As he checked around the house, he realised the living room downstairs was on fire. Kelvin alerted Sherwyn and his family. Firefighters responded and extinguished the blaze, but it was too late for the home.

Saran said she was up late, prepping for Divali lunch. Before going to bed around 2.30 am, she walked through the house, and everything appeared to be in order. Thirty minutes later, Kelvin was banging on the door. She could not think what would have happened if Kelvin had not alerted them.

“We could not get anything because the place was already in smoke, so we just have our clothes,” Saran said.

Neighbours rushed across and tried to put out the fire but were unsuccessful. They were able to move the cars and save the pets.

Sarran said the Princes Town Fire Station did not have any water, and it took 45 minutes for a tender to arrive from San Fernando.

Fire officers are yet to identify the cause of the fire.

Sarran said Kaylon was in standard one and lost his books and laptop for school. While Kryslon does not even have baby formula or diapers.

“I do not think there will be any Divali or Christmas this year because we have nothing but the clothes on our backs right now.”

Saran is appealing for assistance to get her family members on their feet. Anyone interested in helping can call 374-9121