The Chinese Association Building on St Ann’s Road

The National Trust of T&T has congratulated the Chinese Association on its 75th Anniversary which is being celebrated this month.

Located at 7 St Ann’s Road, the Chinese Association is recorded on the National Trust’s Register of Heritage Assets. Throughout our history, buildings of this type, apart from their architectural features which remind us of our shared history, have served as a core part of building communities and transmitting cultural practices to younger generations.

This unique building contains beautiful colonial architectural features including wooden fretwork, cast iron columns and unique etched glass. It is a building with a striking cast iron cresting on top of its front facing gables, with wooden jalousies lining the windows and ornate brackets adjoined to the poles which create a decorative entrance to the building. A striking feature is the mural on one of its walls which was created in 2012 to mark the Lantern festival which coincided with the Golden Jubilee of the Nation’s Independence that year.

The Association was founded on October 10, 1945. One of the major operating objectives was to work for the cultural, social, educational and economic upliftment of the Chinese community in T&T. The association has welcomed people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds to become members and participate in the various activities that are held throughout the year. The building is currently closed due to the impact of COVID-19 however, once restrictions are lifted, the organization intends to open its doors.