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As more families struggle to put food on their table, the heads of several Christian denominations have met and pledged to pool resources together to help the poor.

Last Friday, on a Zoom platform ten Christian leaders met and agreed to uphold the Christian values being their brother’s keeper.

The Declaration of Solidarity read, “We promise to work together, to share resources, ideas and best practices for the benefit of those most in need in our society. The current challenge of the global pandemic cannot be adequately addressed by one voice nor by several individual voices, but by one collective voice reflecting our common concern for God’s suffering people.”

It further stated, “We ten Christian leaders stand committed in the name of Our Lord and Risen Saviour Jesus Christ to attend to the poor and the most vulnerable in our society at this time. Jesus says to us clearly in Matthew 25: “When I was hungry you gave me food; when I was thirsty you gave me drink.”

They also committed to the cause rebuking “self-seeking purpose or self-aggrandisement, but with the sole commitment to help those most in distress and affected by the current pandemic.”

The leaders also asked the rest of the county to pray for the success of the goal.

“We encourage you to be your brother’s and sister’s keeper and may God who has started this good work in us bring it to fulfilment (Phil 1:7),” the leaders said.