The Budget is now behind us and all the anxiety has come to an end.

The word of our Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is right before us “tough times”.

Let me say no one is exempted—rich or poor we will all feel those days ahead.

If we take into consideration what was said by the Minister of Finance Mr Colm Imbert and be real and practical you would know that the citizenry will have to dig deeper into his/her pocket whether this year or in 2021. You do not have to be an economist to figure this out.

The Property Tax is a done deal, water and electricity rates will go up shortly “the writing is on the wall”.

An increase in the cost of electricity will place an additional cost on businesses and who do you think will eventually pay for this? Do the math.

We have also heard VAT on certain luxury items that were not there before. Believe me that would not be only for those luxury items foods. I have no confidence that food establishments will only raise the cost of luxury items. I have been around long enough to know better who will monitor that and ensure that the cost of other goods does not increase?

Then the sale of NP stations is another area where if this is done there can be an increase at the pump which will automatically have a domino effect with the cost of services etc. I do not believe the so called goodies would equal what the man on the street will have to pay.

The 2020/2021 budget means we will pay more. It is simple as that.

But I leave citizens with this where there is a will there is a way do not give up hope for a better day.

The fact that you are still here speaks volumes, stay strong.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan