Raymond Gajadhar uses his mobile phone to introduce his six-year-old daughter to virtual learning.

While the main concern for some parents is securing internet or an electronic device for their children’s schooling, a Claxton Bay family has no electricity at their home.

Five months ago, Raymond Gajadhar, 54, lost his house in a fire but after his story was highlighted in the media a good Samaritan rebuilt his home.

However, Gajadhar who lives with his common-law wife, and two daughters, ages six and four-years-old, is now hoping for assistance to outfit his home with electrical wires so he could approach T&TEC for reconnection.

With school unlikely to open anytime soon, Gajadhar is concerned that his daughters would be at a disadvantage because they have no electricity.

One of his daughters is a Second Year student at Springvale Hindu School. “I need help to wire the house and then I will go to T&TEC. I had electricity before so is just to wire the house. Someone say that they will help me with a laptop if I get the electricity.”

Gajadhar was not at home when his home was gutted on April 30. He said a resident was burning garbage and the flames spread to his home at Hill Top Drive, Springvale. The entire house was destroyed.

“When a businessman saw it (article for the fire) in the Guardian he responds to me and he covered everything, material and labour, to build back my home.”

He said the two-bedroom house was built at a cost of over $40,000 and he moved in a month ago.

“I feel happy because I had nowhere to go. I feel happy that I get back home. I want to say thanks to him. If it was not for them I could have a home.”

Told that Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly has put arrangements in place for students who have no access to the Ministry´s online learning, he said he has not yet been contacted by the school to collect any learning material.

“The school told me that they will be giving her work online to do and I don’t have any electricity or anything for her to do her work,” he said. However, he is awaiting a call from the teacher who is aware of his situation.

Anyone willing to help Gajadhar could contact him at 289-4494.