Visitors to Salary Relief Grant website as seen on the Twitter page of Minister of Finance Colm Imbert

The Salary Relief Grant application portal is up and running and in one day saw thousands of visitors and applicants to the site.

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert took to social media on Wednesday to make the announcement.

That same day the Ministry of Finance invited eligible people who lost their source of income or jobs in May this year to apply for the grant.

There is a $1,500 grant for those who lost their jobs or source of income from May 1 and a $1,000 grant for those who suffered a similar fate from May 8.

On social media, the Finance Minister said, “By 8.30 am this morning (Wednesday), there were already 1,009 active users on the site. Because of our COVID-19 situation, this has been designed as a fully digital/online portal.”

Hours later on Wednesday, he indicated the site had seen volumes of activity based on the number of people using it.

“By 5.00 pm today, on the first day that we launched our online Salary Relief Grant application portal at the MOF for May 2021, we had registered almost 40,000 visitors to the portal, with as many as 1,500 active users online at various times in the day.”

Those eligible can apply from May 18 to 31.

Some of those who can apply would be those in the sectors most affected by the restrictions including, restaurants, hairdressers, entertainment to name a few as well as anyone with a National Insurance (NIS) number.

On May 10, the Finance Minister revealed details of the Salary Relief Grant to help cushion the financial blow to those most affected after the Prime Minister announced several restrictive measures and closures meant to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In 2020, grants were given to people who lost employment and income, after the first wave of COVID cases in the country.

The grants were paid for the three month period and saw over 70,000 applicants receiving assistance.

Those who wish to apply for the Salary Relief Grant can visit https://portal.finance.gov.tt and fill out the application.

Anyone needing further assistance can contact the hotline at 800-6774 or reach out to their Member of Parliament or councillor for help.