A screenshot from a video circulating in social media showing the TTS GASPAR GRANDE (CG21), berthed at Staubles Bay, on Sunday September 5th.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard (TTCG) is reporting that one of its assets, the TTS GASPAR GRANDE (CG21), was safely and successfully relocated to another berth, to protect it from the rough weather over the weekend.

An official statement from the Coast Guard explains, as follows:

“On 05 September 2021, coastal areas in the North-Western peninsula of Trinidad experienced severe conditions as a result of inclement weather. Some of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard assets at Staubles Bay, were subjected to unsafe conditions alongside, and a decision was made to move those vessels most at risk, to safer berths.”

“One of these vessels, TTS GASPAR GRANDE (CG21), whilst being moved, suffered temporary loss of power to her engines which caused her to briefly enter a shallow part of Staubles Bay. However, the engineers on board the vessel were able to effectively troubleshoot the issue and promptly restarted the engines, allowing the vessel to be moved out of danger to her originally intended berth,” the Coast Guard said.

It confirmed: “The vessel and crew are safe and, based on initial assessments, there were no reported damages to the hull.”