Cedros Port. (Image: Grueslayer @Wikipedia) Pier, customs & immigration, coast guard, police station. Photo taken as part of the Southern Trinidad Aerial Photo Project, a small project sponsored by WMDE. Drone used: DJI Phantom 4. Snapshot taken from video footage via VLC, then cropped with IrfanView.

The Cedros Security Complex is now under lockdown and over two dozen officers from the Cedros Coast Guard Base, Immigration department and police are under quarantine.

This, after Coast Guard officers rescued a boatload of Venezuelans from a sinking pirogue who were exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

A source said around 1 am, five officers on board a Coast Guard interceptor spotted a pirogue in territorial waters off the coast of Icacos. The occupants appeared to be in danger as the boat was sinking.

The officers rescued all of the occupants and they were taken to the Chaguaramas Base. The Cedros officers then returned to the Cedros base, which had over two dozen officers from different arms of law enforcement, as well as several MTS cleaners.

News later spread that the Venezuelans on board the pirogue were suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Officials instructed that all officers, including the cleaners, remain at the Cedros base until test kits could be sent for testing.

It is uncertain where the Venezuelans were sent.

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