Coast Guard fishes out bags of drugs during high speed chase in the Gulf


Image courtesy T&T Coast Guard

Coast Guard officers recovered seven bags containing marijuana and drugs that were thrown overboard a vessel of which they were in pursuit in the Gulf of Paria, on Wednesday night.

The occupants of the vessel managed to escape by crossing over the border in Venezuela.

According to a report, at about 9:05 pm, Coast Guard Officers were on marine patrol in Interceptor 019 under the stewardship of Petty Officer Burroughs in Icacos, Gulf of Paria, when Burroughs observed a vessel proceeding in a south to north direction. This aroused his suspicion, and he began proceeding towards the vessel.

Reports are the said vessel then altered its course, increasing its speed, causing Burroughs to also increase the speed of the Coast Guard Interceptor. Whilst this chase intensified, the occupants of the unknown vessel began throwing overboard items resembling bags. The vessel continued until it crossed over the Border into Venezuelan waters.

At 9:36 pm, Interceptor 019 came alongside the floating items, which totalled seven bags.

Having retrieved the bags from the water, Burroughs made contact with CG28 and they met at 10:01 pm where Petty Officer Burroughs handed over the seven bags to Lieutenant Mohip, the Captain of vessel CG28 and Lieutenant Diaz Operations officer.

Both vessels subsequently returned to Staubles Bay.

The T&T Coast Guard made communication with the T&T Police Service and as a result, Supt Smith, Insp Ramoutar and PC Joseph of the St James CID proceeded to Staubles Bay where they met PC Durgam and WPC Doxilly from the Port of Spain CID, who processed and photographed the seven bags containing 146 packets of marijuana weighing 102.1kg and 75 packets of cocaine weighing 82.7 kgs. 

No one was arrested.

Investigations are ongoing.