Williams was rushed to the Chaguanas District Health Facility following the accidental shooting. (Image courtesy Ministry of Health)

A Coast Guard officer reportedly shot himself accidentally in the head, when he slipped and fell seconds after taking a shower at his home in Chaguanas, on Wednesday morning.

According to a police report, at about 7:20 am, 46-year-old Kester Williams, of 78c Hibiscus Drive, Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, was at his home and had just exited the shower.

Williams is said to be a Coast Guard Officer assigned to the Prime Minister’s residence, as well as the Diplomatic Centre, in charge of the CCTV Surveillance Unit.

Police said Williams made a safety check for his firearm—a CZ PT10C with 15 rounds of 9 mm ammunition—usually stored in a nightstand at the side of his bed.

Police report that after coming out of the shower, Williams had taken out the firearm from the holster and placed it on top of the nightstand, when his dog pounced on him, causing him to slip.  He reportedly was still wet from the shower and lost his balance, grabbed at the nightstand in an attempt to regain his balance and in doing so, heard a loud explosion and felt a burning sensation to the head.  Williams was rendered unconscious.

Williams was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility by his wife, Sharza Alphonso, where he was treated for a small laceration to left side of the scalp.

Currently, he is listed in a stable condition.

Investigations are continuing.