A Coast Guard vessel ensures the stranded persons are transferred on-board and the life rafts recovered. (Image courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard)

A passenger vessel which found itself in distress and taking on water while in the Gulf of Paria, had a timely rescue by the Coast Guard, on Thursday 22 October 2020.

According to an official statement from the Trinidad  and  Tobago  Coast  Guard  (TTCG), the Maritime  Rescue  Coordination  Centre  (MRCC) received a report at about 11:10  am on Thursday, concerning a vessel in need of rescue in  the  Gulf of Paria.

The passenger vessel, named ‘BCSL Endeavor’, had nine occupants on-board and was taking  in water.  The  initial report of the vessel in distress was made by the vessel’s agent, Broadway Surveillance Systems.

The Coast  Guard  responded immediately to the distress call and began  to work with the agent to coordinate  a  rescue  operation. 

The  vessel’s  last  known  position  was  determined  and  a  pilot  vessel was dispatched  to render assistance, whilse the Coast  Guard activated one of its capital assets to  join the  search.  

The pilot vessel finds the life rafts containing the passengers from the BCSL Endeavour. (Image courtesy Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard)

The  pilot  vessel  arrived  on-scene quickly, and discovered  that  the  BCSL  Endeavor  was already fully submerged in a position approximately two Nautical Miles West of Point Lisas, and all occupants were already on-board life rafts.

The  Coast Guard  asset  arrived not long after and ensured the  personnel  were  safely  transferred  aboard and  the life  rafts recovered. 

A  search  also was  made  in  the  area  to  recover  personal  items. 

The  men  were  taken  to TTCG headquarters at Staubles Bay, where they were medically examined and allowed to leave.