Emrith Boodram.

A worker at a coconut estate in Cedros was shot after he encountered two Venezuelan nationals stealing coconuts on Thursday.

Emrith Boodram, 24, a father of one, is warded in a critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital, nursing a gunshot wound to his chest.

Guardian Media understands that the incident occurred around 1:45 pm on Thursday March 17th, at FA Agostini Estate Ltd.

Booodram and two of his colleagues were on mobile patrol about a mile into the coconut fields when they came upon the two Venezuelan nationals.

When they heard the gunshots, they drove off, but when they stopped a short distance away another shot was fired at them and Boodram was hurt.

Guardian Media was told that several reports have been made to the police about Spanish-speaking nationals stealing coconuts, shooting at workmen at the estate, and threatening them, but no arrests have been made.

Cedros Police are investigating.