A 51-year-old man serving a life sentence for murder at the Carrera Island Prison has received a six-year sentence for stabbing a fellow inmate, a decade ago.

Rodney Davis received the sentence from Justice Gail Gonzales, yesterday, after pleading guilty to malicious wounding.

According to the evidence in the case, Davis, who was convicted of a murder in 1992 and had his death sentence subsequently commuted to life imprisonment, attacked Jewan Jaggernauth on January 7, 2012.

Jaggernauth was reportedly emptying his pail when he was approached by Davis and another inmate who had a brief argument over a cellphone and cigarettes.

Davis attacked Jaggernauth with a 12-inch make-shift blade and managed to stab him six times before prison officers noticed the commotion and intervened.

Jaggernauth was carried for medical treatment and recovered.

Presenting a mitigation plea on Davis’ behalf, attorney Nicholas Rampersadsingh of the Public Defenders Department noted that his client had several medical conditions including intestinal cancer, epilepsy, brittle-bone syndrome and stomach ulcers.

He also pointed out that since the incident Davis’ disciplinary conduct in prison improved with him becoming a “wardsman” and prison officers describing him as compliant and easy to manage.

In deciding on the sentence, Justice Gonzales described the attack as “brutal” as she noted that it was unprovoked and committed using a “contrived” weapon.

However, she did note that in his victim impact statement, Jaggernauth admitted that he had forgiven Davis for the attack.