PC Nicholas Roberts

A police constable and a civilian have been charged with a $680,000 robbery. The police officer has also been charged with misbehaviour in public office.

PC Nicholas Roberts, who was last assigned to the Western Division, and Tevin Morrison, of Le Platte Village, Maraval, appeared virtually before a Port-of-Spain Magistrate yesterday to answer the charges.

According to reports, at about 6.15 pm on October 3, 2020, a courier employed with a clothing store outlet reported that he was stopped by two men dressed in police uniform who appeared to have been conducting a roadblock along the Western Main Road, Cocorite, near the Paragon Sports Club. The courier also reported that a marked police vehicle was present. He was asked to come out of his vehicle but was then tie-strapped and robbed of his personal items, including an A10 cell phone valued at $1,500, US$120 and TT$1,200.

He was also robbed of TT$677,277 and US$1500, the property of his employers. The men then made their escape, one in the marked police vehicle and the other through a bushy track off the Western Main Road.

The courier subsequently made a report at the Four Roads Police Station and an investigation was launched by ACP William Nurse (North-West). The probe into the matter involved a multi-agency team including the Western Division CID, Western Division Gang Intelligence Unit and the Western Division Operation Centre.

Following a series of intelligence-based exercises and extensive enquiries, two suspects were detained and interviewed. Upon the advice of the director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard SC, ASP Henry charged the two suspects for the offences of robbery with aggravation.