Employees of KFC’s Coffee Street, San Fernando Branch, sanitise the floor as they prepare to open today after the Government lifted restrictions.

With restaurants reopening today Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has issued a warning for them to ensure physical distancing between their customers or face being shut down.

Griffith, yesterday issued a release reminding all food vendors, that they are responsible for the well-being of their customers while they are waiting to collect take-away deliveries.

“All food vendors, be it in constructed establishments, or roadside vending, are asked to ensure that their customers awaiting take away deliveries, must adhere to the mandatory distance from fellow customers of at least six feet. It is the responsibility of the relevant food vendor to ensure that this is achieved,” Griffith stated.

“The best way to adhere to this policy is to place markers, even chalk every six feet, hence giving their customers a guide as to how close they can be from the customer ahead of them,” he said.

Griffith said representatives of these food vendors should also be posted to assist in ensuring that the mandatory social distancing is adhered to.

“Failure to do this, would eventually cause mass congestion by those customers waiting to be served, hence breaching the Public Health Ordinance Regulations, and also putting the health of customers at risk,” Griffith said.

“If this transpires, in the same manner when banks and supermarkets were mandated to do same, failure of which would have triggered those establishments being temporarily closed, as provided by Section 133 of the Public Health Ordinance, the CoP has directed all officers on or off duty, to have such food establishments also temporarily shut down, if customers converge en masse around food facilities, waiting to collect their delivery,” he said. (JJ)