A 22-year-old prisoner attacked and injured a police officer in a cell at the Penal Police Station yesterday.

The Princes Town man was being processed at the station during the early hours of the morning after being charged with failing to give a specimen of breath for testing.

According to a police report, between 1.26 am and 1.30 am, on Sunday, Ag Sgt Tajoo and PC Singh went to the cells at the station to search the suspect before taking him out.

However, on entering the cell the prisoner allegedly kicked PC Singh on his right leg and then violently pushed him against the cell wall causing him to hit his right arm.

In an attempt to save himself, the officer held on to the prisoner and they both fell to the floor.

Ag Sgt Tajoo and other officers intervened and subdued and secured the prisoner.

PC Singh complained about pains to his right leg and right arm while his TTPS tactical uniform was torn open and two buttons were missing.

When the officers asked the prisoner if he was injured, he reportedly replied: “Boy, to hell with de police.”

Police said there were no visible injuries on the prisoner.

Meanwhile, PC Singh sought treatment at the Siparia Health Facility and was subsequently discharged.

According to a medical report, the officer suffered soft tissue injury to the right leg and right arm.

Low degree of impact with blunt force was used to inflict injury, the report stated.

The prisoner was expected to be charged with assaulting a police officer.