Keverne Miller

A birthday bash for a policeman at his grandparents’ home turned deadly yesterday morning after one of the guests, a fellow police officer, shot and killed his father.

Keverne Miller, 42, a corporal in the T&T Regiment, was shot at least four times in the back, his relatives said. However, they said Miller was only trying to control and disperse the rowdy crowd at his mother’s home at Reservoir Hill, Point Fortin, after the crowd became unruly more than once. Among those attending the event were police officers and soldiers.

According to a police report, around 3 am a police officer allegedly saw Miller waving a gun as people in the birthday event scampered for safety. The officer, the report stated, became afraid for his life and the lives of other people. He, therefore, drew his firearm and fired at Miller, who was hit several times. Cpl Miller died before he got to the Point Fortin Area Hospital.

However, Miller’s father Daffort Miller, who witnessed the shooting, gave a completely different account of what happened. Speaking to members of the media at Reservoir Hill, Miller said the party was for Miller’s son but he (Cpl Miller) was not at the party. Daffort Miller said when the violence started during the lime someone called his son, who was at his Lakeview, Point Fortin home.

“A soldier hit a policeman, slap him, that is the beginning part and then after them gyul and them had their scrambling. And then after a soldier come and spray pepper spray and nearly kill me right there, I vomit all kind of thing and I get inside and go in my room,” Daffort recalled.

Daffort said when he came back out of his room, his son pulled up in front of the house on his motorbike.

“I see him come in. He gone and speak to them and tell them ‘leave my mother’s yard. All yuh know how I stupid, leave my mother yard’ and when he coming down the drunken a… police.

“When he coming out, I talking to him and telling him to go nah, but like he could not hear because he have the helmet on he head. When I tell him go on, the shot fired and I just duck down so, four shots, all the door is the bullets.”

Daffort Miller said he believes that his son died on the ground.

As a member of the Defence Force, Miller said his son owned firearms but yesterday morning, he said he did not see him with a gun. Miller said he only realised the person who shot him was a police officer after the incident. He claimed after the shooting, the officer went over his son and was asking “where the gun?”

As he broke down in tears, Daffort Miller said he would forever be haunted by the events of yesterday morning.

Cpl Miller’s friend, who gave his name only as Denno, described him as a protector and respected member of the community. He said Miller’s back was turned when he was shot. The corporal had 15 years service and was the father of five.

Point Fortin mayor Saleema McCree-Thomas and councillor Leslie Pascall visited the family.

Pascall said this was the first time someone was killed in their village.

“It is a heck of an experience,” Pascall said afterwards.

“It is something you really don’t want to happen again. It is something that you are not accustomed to in this part of the district. It is sad to know that the people, you know, we entrust in protecting and serving us, that things like these happen. You know, especially in the COVID time.”

He offered his condolences to the family.

Investigations are continuing.