FLASHBACK - Head of Municipal Police (south) Snr Supt Cecil Santana leads a roadblock exercise during the State of Emergency curfew in San Fernando, back in August 2021. (Image: RISHI RAGOONATH)

The political leader of the Congress of the People (COP), Kirt Sinnette, is questioning why the haste to end the current State of Emergency some two weeks before its natural conclusion.

In a statement issued today, Mr Sinnette points to the upcoming Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections as one possible reason for the moved-up timetable.

The following is the statement released by the COP leader…


The announcement by the Prime Minister that the SoE had met its objectives and that it was being ended two weeks early, leaves one to wonder what were the matrices used in his assessment.

The Minister of Health is quoted as saying that he is “Deathly Afraid” of the impending end, yet his Prime Minister thinks otherwise.

THA Election in Tobago is on the 6th December. The State of Emergency is suddenly earmarked to end 18 days before the election.

In the four days prior to the announcement, covid19 daily infections were 512, 509, 535 and 535. Deaths were 12, 12, 10 and 22. In four days there were 2091 new cases and 56 deaths.

Is the premature end to the SoE in any way related to the election campaign? It is predicted that the election in Tobago is again running a tight race. It is hoped that the Prime Minister is not placing the winning of an election over the health and safety of Tobagonians.

Kirt Sinnette, Political Leader – COP