A vehicle enters Caura Hospital, last Sunday.

Following is a press release Commissioner of Police (CoP) Gary Griffith issued yesterday in response to what he called an alarming increase in vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the last three days despite the Stay-at-Home measures implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has noted the increasing number of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in various locations throughout the country, particularly over the last few days, despite the calls for citizens to stay at home in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CoP says that whilst he appreciates the many varied circumstances that may present themselves, the national community is reminded that the respective Public Health and Safety regulations are still in place, and have not been adjusted.

Commissioner Griffith states, “I fully appreciate these circumstances are challenging for everyone, however, it is important for the national community to remember this is simply about mitigating a potential life or death scenario. The national community has responded generally quite well, thus far, let us not drop the ball now.”

Commissioner Griffith advises that he has had to treat with a number of extenuating circumstances, many times resulting in extending the resources of the TTPS.

Commissioner Griffith travelled as far as Chaguanas today (yesterday) and noticed the thousands of vehicles on the nation’s highways, as police conducted road checks across the country.

The CoP says many non-essential workers were caught up during the road checks, preventing the essential workers from reaching their places of employment on time. He says people may be heavily inconvenienced for hours during these road checks.

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Commissioner Griffith says these road checks will continue as police step up to ensure that the Public Health Ordinance guidelines are adhered to. The CoP reminds that the TTPS will continue to play its role in keeping citizens safe and secure, by ensuring there is social distancing and no gathering of persons in groups of more than five.

The TTPS, he adds, continues to ensure there are no COVID-19 parties, non-essential businesses must remain close, and that citizens remain at home if there is no need to be outside. These are not normal times and people need to stay at home and avoid the chance of contracting this disease.

Commissioner Griffith is again urging members of the public that if there see breaches of the regulations, to inform the relevant authorities by contacting 555, or by sending messages, photographs or videos to 482-GARY, or the TTPS App.