Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith addresses the media during a press briefing at the Police Admin Building yesterday.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith yesterday assured that the T&T Police Service was working to close all high profile cases before it, including probes into the Estate Management and Business Development Company Limited and Lifesport.

He made the comment during a press conference at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain, as he noted investigations have been ongoing for the last six years and he believed everyone has been aware of the actions of the TTPS.

However, he said, “only if and when it can be brought forward, whether the case can be closed or arrests take place, will we make comments to the public.”

“I’ve stated before and continue to give the assurance that all gates will be closed, one way or the other and we did it with day of total policing; Emailgate; PM plant-like substance; situation with Mr Nelson. I intend to do the same with Lifesport, EMBD, there is also AV Drilling and a few other matters involving government officials and previous government officials,” Griffith said.

Griffith said there will be a degree of confidentiality as there are a number of things going on with the cases, including working with their United Kingdom counterparts, who were chosen by him (Griffith) personally, as he said some of the cases had gone on for far too long.

“So now, because of the degree of confidentiality, there were very few leaks. I saw someone brought up statements made by the Ministry of National Secretary a few years later. What we have here, it was all in the public domain, there is a lot I have in my back pocket that I am aware of but we are working closely with the relevant agencies,” he said.

Griffith also said the TTPS was proud of its current record of charging more people for murder than 2019 based on proper intelligence gathering, restructuring of its crime investigations team, use of technology and the assistance of human intelligence. He said this showed the TTPS is going “in the right direction.”

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations) Mc Donald Jacobs added that within the last two months the TTPS had seen a significant improvement in the detection rate for murders this year.

He said in the first four and a half months of the year, they had solved 20 murders and from the middle of May to yesterday they had solved 21 murders.

“So there is a 100 per cent improvement in detection rate,” Jacobs said.

“Last we spoke I mentioned the actual implementation of the investigation approach for the investigations of murders. In this coordinated approach, we took into consideration the 24/48 hour requirements to ensure all technical, scientific and technological personnel work together as a team bringing in significant results.

“For the year so far, 47 murders less than last year, we continue with that improvement…We want the officers to continue in the manner they are carrying it about, as we bring together the scientific and technological aspects, all merged together, to get this result.”