Anil Marshall bed covered with his blood at his home in Esperance Village, in San Fernando, on Tuesday.

A relative of 29-year-old scrap iron worker Anil Marshall who was murdered by what police termed as “someone he knew” is calling for justice.

Marshall, of Jim Street, Esperance Village, San Fernando, had just returned home on Monday night after liming with a friend when he was shot.

He died while undergoing emergency treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital. Police have received information that the perpetrator may be a “friend” of the victim and they are searching for him.

While the police report stated that the motive was domestic-related, a female relative, who spoke with Guardian Media at the apartment where Marshall lived, dismissed that theory as untrue.

Her name was withheld for her safety.

The relative recalled that on Monday, Marshall went out with a friend and returned home sometime after 11 pm. She said he took food and was headed back outside to meet his friend.

“As he walk out there I hear a set of gunshots ring out and when I peep out the window I saw him trying to hop back inside. I went and help him and when we came inside he went on the bed…he tell me he in real pain.”

The relative said the police and ambulance were contacted but she claimed the ambulance was taking too long. She added she wanted to take Marshall to the hospital herself but was fearful the gunman was lying in wait.

“I tell him I have to go outside because he will die in here and then I went outside and try to bring him out and we meet the police and they escort us to the hospital.”

The relative added Marshall was shot at least five times, while his friend was not hurt.

Anil Marshall.

The woman said Marshall never gave any indication that his life was in danger.

“He was quiet and cool everybody did like him. Everybody is have their ways in their different ways but he was okay,” she said.

Marshall had one child who lives abroad.

The relative lamented the spate of violence in the country.

“The crime situation is real hard and out of hand… I am hoping for justice and very soon.”

Officers of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region 3 are investigating.

And police are probing two other incidents.

A man who was freed of a murder charge a few years ago was killed on Tuesday morning in Diego Martin. Police said Chike Portillo was a member of the Muslim gang.

He was at a job site on Spaniol Road off Covigne Road, Diego Martin, at around 9 am when two masked gunmen shot him several times about his body. Portillo died at the scene.

In an unrelated incident, on Monday around 5:30 pm, officers from North Eastern Division went to Maryland Hill, Belmont, near a former primary school where they found a body wrapped in plastic and an orange coloured piece of cloth in a drain.

The body is believed to be of a man from La Puerta, Diego Martin.

Investigations are continuing.

- With reporting by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant