Some $107,000 worth of marijuana trees were destroyed by police during an anti-crime operation in the South-Western Division.

Guardian Media understands that the five-hour exercise, Operation “Sea Breeze”—coordinated by Snr Supt Brandon John, Supt Singh, ASP Simon, and supervised by Sgt Crawford—was carried out by officers of the South-Western Division Task Force and the Inter Agency Task Force.

According to police reports, during the exercise, several people were searched near known drug blocks, but they reportedly were found to be within the legal marijuana limit.

The task force officers obtained information which led them to the Chatham South area where a marijuana field was found, roughly 100 feet into a bushy area.  The trees were approximately four feet tall with a street value of $107,000.  Police destroyed them as well some 500 seedlings. No one was arrested.

In another incident, police officers on roadblock duty arrested two people they caught with marijuana in their vehicle.

Reports are that at around 3:45 pm on Tuesday June 1st, Sgt Toussaint, Cpl Teeluck and PC Subero were conducting a road block exercise along the Samuel Lawrence Street, Grand Chemin, Moruga.

The officers searched a green Toyota Corolla wagon and allegedly found 4.02 kg of marijuana in the trunk.

The 47-year-old driver and his 54-year-old passenger, both of Syncline Road, Santa Flora, were arrested and charged with possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.