A female Municipal police officer was allegedly indecently assaulted by a male officer while on duty at the Cap-de-Ville Police Post over the weekend. But, now her colleagues are concerned that a senior officer is trying to cover up the report.

According to police sources, the female officer reported that around 6.30 pm on Saturday she was alone at the police post at Point Fortin when a police constable from the Point Fortin Municipal Police Task Force arrived and indicated that he wanted to use the washroom. Instead, he reportedly began making sexual overtures towards her. She told him that he has a wife and she was not interested.

But, he reportedly continued making vulgar utterances to her.

Police sources with knowledge of the report said the Task Force officer then walked up to the officer who was sitting and placed his hands on her shoulders. Despite her protests for him to stop touching her, he allegedly began passing his hand up and down her leg.

The officer pushed him away and walked off as she again insisted that he refrain from touching her. Shortly after her colleagues – a male and female police officer arrived at the post. She told her colleagues what had transpired and a report was lodged in the station diary.

However, a police source said a senior officer gave instructions to his charges not to send the report to San Fernando Operations Centre.

“This is not right. Why was that report was made? This is very serious and could amount to perverting the course of justice,” the police source said.

They are calling for an investigation into the conduct of the senior officer as well as the other officer who acted inappropriately.