Two men who had committed a robbery in Arouca had their escape attempt cut off when they were caught in a police roadblock in Arima, on Saturday.

According to an official report from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), police officers on exercise in the Northern Division acted on information about a vehicle involved in a larceny report in the Arouca District.

A series of roadblocks were set up in several areas, and the vehicle subsequently was intercepted at the corner of Broadway and Woodford Street, Arima.

The occupants of the vehicle, two men—ages 20 and 22 years—were arrested.

The TTPS’ release states that police officers went to a house at Bypass Road, Arima, where they conducted a search of the premises.  There, they recovered brush cutters, which had been mentioned in a report of larceny in the Arouca District.

The items subsequently were identified by the victim.

Meanwhile, an anti-crime exercise in the Northern Division, conducted between 5:30 pm on Saturday August 22nd and 2:00 am on Sunday August 23rd, resulted in the arrests of eight men, for various offences.

The exercise was conducted by officers of the Major Operations Unit under the supervision of Cpl Gordon in the Maloney, La Horquetta and Arouca districts.

The eight persons were arrested for various offences, namely:

1. Possession of cocaine for trafficking (14 grams)

2. Fraudulent driver’s permit

3. Possession of cannabis

4. Possession of cannabis (108 grams)

5. Possession of cocaine and apparatus (3 grams)

6. Trafficking in cannabis (40 grams)

7. Shooting enquiries

8. Shooting enquiries

Enquiries are ongoing.