The T&T Police Service (TTPS) says its officers are doing all that they can to ensure COVID-19-positive patients in home quarantine remain at home.

In an interview with Guardian Media yesterday, ACP Wendell Williams said the TTPS uses the Emergency Response Patrol to monitor those who have tested positive for the virus and have been ordered to stay at home.

He said this includes calling patients and visiting some of them.

“Once we have an idea someone might give some trouble, or we get a report that they have broken their quarantine, we will pay them a visit,” Williams said.

He said visits are also done to random patients at any time.

Williams said if police visit a patient’s home and they do not present themselves to speak to the officers, police and a public health officer can enter the home to check for them.

“If we enter the home and the patient is not there, that is all the evidence we need,” he said.

Williams said police will then seek a warrant for the patient’s arrest.

He said the majority of those in home quarantine have been abiding by the law.

Williams said the unit has completed 6,068 visits to COVID-positive patients since they started in October 2020.