Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

A 62-year-old security officer of Charlieville has been reportedly kidnapped and a $450,000 ransom has been demanded for her safe return.

The victim has been identified as Yaseem Kadir, of Ashraff Road, Charlieville, Chaguanas.

Police were told that at about 12.50 am yesterday a relative arrived at the station and reported that at about 12.04 am he received a call on his cellphone from his sister, age 32 of Signal Hill, Tobago, who informed him that she received a phone call from their mother’s cellphone at about 11. 51 pm on Monday, and a male voice told her that their mother was kidnapped and they want a ransom of $450,000 by yesterday afternoon for her release.

The relative further said Kadir is usually posted at the Oasis Gardens location in Endeavour, however, from time- to- time she is posted to varying locations where there is a need for manpower.

The relative said tha Kadir left home sometime at about 6.15 am on Sunday and has not returned since.

Kadir was last seen by two co-workers and the taxi driver who dropped her off at Busy Corner in Chaguanas.

Relatives told police that calls to her cellphone have all gone unanswered and checks with friends and relatives have all proved futile.

Kadir was last seen wearing a dark blue shirt with the Guardsman Security logo on the pocket and a pair of dark blue pants and black shoes.

Checks were made in the Chaguanas area for the woman proved futile.

The Anti-Kidnapping Unit and the Homicide Bureau were informed.