Police are investigating two unrelated stabbing incidents which occurred on Sunday night—one in Diego Martin, and the other in Morvant.

In the first incident, a 38-year-old man was at his home at Green Hill Village, Diego Martin, when at about 7:50 pm, a man whom he knew entered his home armed with a short cutlass.  The man reportedly dealt the victim several chops to the body, wounding his right hand and left knee.

The victim escaped his attacker by running out of the house. The attacker then fled the scene.

The victim was taken to the St. James Medical Facility by EHS personnel, where he was treated, and subsequently was transferred to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he was warded.  He is said to be in a satisfactory condition.

In the second incident which occurred in Morvant, a 39-year-old PH driver from St Augustine was plying his vehicle for hire (a silver Toyota Corolla Fielder wagon) from Port-of-Spain to Morvant when, at about 9.05 pm, he picked up three male passengers who asked to be taken to Alexis Street, Morvant.

Two of the passengers were seated at the rear, while one was seated in the front passenger seat.

Upon arrival at Alexis Street, Morvant the passenger in the right rear seat announced a holdup and proceeded to stab the driver several times about the body.

The driver became fearful for his life and in an attempt to defend himself, took out a knife from his vehicle and fired several stabs in the direction of the suspects.

The suspect seated at the rear of the vehicle exited the vehicle and continued to stab the driver. The driver was then removed from his side of his vehicle and a struggle continued with the suspects.

The suspects then ran away in opposite directions.

The driver was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital by a resident of the area.

Members of the Port-of-Spain Task Force including Ag/Cpl St. Bernard responded to the report and found one of the suspects at Upper Pashley Street, Laventille.  He was bleeding profusely about his body and had multiple stab wounds to the head, back, legs and hands.

Police said the driver suffered multiple stab wounds about the body, as well as to both eyes and ears.

Investigations are ongoing.