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Police are investigating two murders in South Trinidad in which two men from San Fernando—one 23 years; the other 24 years old—lost their lives during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

A report states that 24-year-old Jemeil Scipio was sitting in the living room in his Building 12 apartment along Roy Joseph Street in San Fernando, during the early hours of Wednesday 17 February 2021.  A gunman is said to have entered the apartment around 1 am and shot him several times before running off.

Police said an anonymous female contacted them and reported the shooting.

It is alleged that Scipio was with a 17-year-old girl at the time of the incident.

San Fernando police responded and took the injured Scipio to the San Fernando General Hospital.  However, Scipio died around 1:15 am.

The Homicide Bureau of Investigations: Region Three is investigating. Detectives are yet to establish a motive and have not detained anyone in connection with the shooting.

Meanwhile, investigations continue into the shooting death of 23-year-old Aaron Maynard, of Cocoyea Village, San Fernando.

Guardian Media understands that around 3 am on Wednesday, someone reported to La Brea police that there were loud explosions at Chin Fong Alley Road, Sobo Village.

Police officers responded and found Maynard lying under a house at the same address.  

There reportedly was a party being kept at the location when the loud explosions were heard.  However, it is unclear whether Maynard was attending the party at the time the incident occurred, or what may have led to the shooting.

Police confirmed that Maynard was shot multiple times.  In addition, two other people received gunshot injuries.  Both persons are said to be from the Sobo Village and are at San Fernando General Hospital.

Investigations are ongoing in both shooting incidents.