Kadeem Jordan

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A planned execution is how investigators described the murder of Gasparillo mechanic Kadeem Jordan on Monday evening.

Up to yesterday, investigators were probing the theories that Jordan bloody demise in Pleasantville was due to his connection with a relative who is a known drug dealer in North Trinidad. So far, Southern Division police have not found any criminal dealings regarding Jordan.

A report stated that around 5.45 pm Monday, Jordan, 27, from Gasparillo, was driving his silver Mercedes Benz C180 along Pleasantville Circular. A white Nissan Tiida travelling in the opposite direction crashed into the front of Jordan’s car. Three gunmen got out and opened fire on Jordan, who ran out of the car, but collapsed a short distance away. The gunmen left their damaged car behind and ran off along Pleasantville Circular. They attempted to stop a passing car, but the driver did not stop. The gunmen shot at the car, hitting it several times, but the driver was not harmed and was able to get away. The gunman then ran off again and escaped in another vehicle.

Police took Jordan to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith, Snr Supt Wayne Mohammed and ASP Williams were among a team of officers who responded to the murder. There was a rumour circulating that one of the gunmen resided in Tarodale Hills, Ste Madeleine after surveillance footage in the community showed three men running, one with a firearm in his hand. However, investigators said no suspect was identified up to yesterday.