Sherma Jackson of Iere Village, Princes Town collects a hamper from Inspector Dane James of the Princes Town Police Station yesterday.

Sascha Wilson

Joining the wave of generosity that has been washing over the country since COVID-19 hit our shores, police officers of Southern Division Area East have dipped into their pockets to bring relief to underprivileged families.

In collaboration with business executives, the officers held a COVID-19 pandemic drive on Wednesday where they distributed 50 hampers to needy persons in various areas within the division including Moruga, Ste Madeleine, Barrackpore and Princes Town. Describing the initiative as humbling, Area East Supt Winston Mahabir, said the officers have satisfied their mandate to protect and serve with pride.

He noted, however, that the Community Police Unit is involved with these types of initiatives throughout the year. Southern Division Snr Supt Wayne Mohammed said, “We know that it is a hard time so we are just here to ensure that our less fortunate brothers and sister receive some sort of appreciation from the police to let them know that there is a softer side of policing and we are here to show them that we care and we will continue to care because that gape between the citizenry and the police, we need to close that gap very fast to ensure that our citizenry loves us just as we love them.”

In terms of the anticipated lifting of the restrictions, he said that his officers are prepared for post-COVID activities.

“We know that when people are locked up for a while and they get a little opportunity to come out they will want to as the proverbial saying, fly, but we in the south will ensure there is no flying, but there is a gradual release of what is to happen.”

He said a similar food drive will be done next week by officers of Southern Division Area West.