The owner of Anayan’s Mediterranean Grill, Betro Khori, gets his stall ready for business at Cross Crossing, San Fernando in June 2019.

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The suspension of vending at the popular Cross Crossing food strip is now in effect.

The San Fernando City Corporation changed the suspension from Friday to Thursday midnight.The decision followed a Council meeting on Wednesday as the Corporation seeks to decrease the risk of virus spread. Despite Government’s advice to avoid crowds, scores of people were seen at the strip along Lady Hailes Avenue to purchase meals.

A media release from the Corporation stated that 20 additional Municipal Police officers were reassigned to San Fernando to reinforce new measures, including the management of the Chaguanas, Port-of-Spain and Curepe taxis, who are restricted from operating on upper High Street during the day.

The officers are also assisting with crowd control at the Central Market, the Marabella Market and Fish Market. Selling of clothes and haberdashery in the markets were also prohibited. Social distancing is to be practised at these facilities.

The number of wreckers has been reduced from three to two, which the Corporation said will allow a margin of leniency, the release said.