With the Ministry of Education set to roll out its virtual education programme at the start of the new academic term, a councillor has kicked off a collection drive for electronic devices for students.

Inverness/Princes Town councillor Deryck Mathura launched the campaign specifically to assist parents who are unable to afford desktops computers and laptops for their children.

Outlining the operational guidelines for Term I 2020/21 during a press conference yesterday morning, Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly said teachers would be expected to deliver the curriculum to students remotely.

However, the minister said they have catered for students who would not be able to participate in the online learning programme. She said teachers would be provide printed packages of learning materials for collection at schools for those children at least once weekly.

Requesting support for his electronic device donation initiative on his Facebook page, Mathura said, “As we continue to battle the increasing cases of COVID-19 which have crippled many businesses and homes financially and has also resulted in a negative impact on our children’s education and the attendance of School. For this reason, I am kindly asking for those of you that may have computers, laptops or other electronic devices which you may be willing to donate to a child in need. As we approach the new school term and the new norm of online teaching and learning, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.”

Persons interested in donating these devices are asked to contact 357-0191. (SW)