Members of the PTA and Councillor Chris Arshad Hosein tour the premises of the Reform Hindu School, during today’s protest action. (Image courtesy Office of the Councillor for Reform / Manahambre)

A renewed call for Government to resume and complete work on the Reform Hindu School and Reform ECCE Centre came today, from members of the school’s PTA, who were joined by their local government councillor in a protest demonstration.

Councillor for Reform / Manahambre, Chris Arshad Hosein, along with parents, did a walk-through of the premises. They are angry that the work on the structures remains incomplete, and that they have been abandoned and are now overgrown with vines and bushes, in addition to being looted and vandalized.

Speaking to members of the media at the event, Councillor Hosein stated that there is no space in the existing school for social distancing as the Minister of Education indicated would be the case when school re-opens in September. He noted that the children remain in an environment that is uncomfortable and not conducive to learning.

“We are calling on the outgoing Minister of Education and MP for Arima, Mr Anthony Garcia, to resume work on the new Reform Hindu School,” he said. “We keep hearing about the importance of education, and I believe it is so important for a government to invest in their citizens from a young age. That starts with better schools that can give our children a fighting chance in this world.”

“Education is the ticket out of poverty. In T&T, jobs and education will eradicate the need for jails and incarceration. However, this government’s track record when it comes to education leaves much to be desired,” he added.

Meanwhile, president of the PTA of the Reform Hindu School, Mrs. Sheryl-Ann Ramdial also spoke with members of the media at the protest and outlined the concerns of the parents.

She stated that the conditions at the existing school are unacceptable and the students have been suffering for far too long.