A couple was arrested during an anti-crime exercise in Laventille yesterday. They are expected to appear before a Port of Spain Magistrate today. The following is a press release from the TTPS:

A couple was arrested and charged during an Operation Strike Back Three exercise last night. ANTHONY JOHN, 26, and companion AHYEISHA WILSON, 29, are expected to appear before the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court today. John faces charges of possession of marijuana and resisting arrest, while Wilson also faces a resisting arrest charge as well a charge for the possession of cocaine. Around 10:06 pm on August 16th 2021, officers of the Port of Spain Task Force, executed a search warrant for firearms and ammunition at a home at La Resource Road, Laventille.

During the search, officers allegedly found 504 grams of marijuana and three grams of cocaine. While attempting to arrest the suspects, JOHN allegedly began behaving in a violent manner stating, “Officer, I not taking lock up for that”. WILSON was also reported to be behaving similarly, stating loudly “not my man”. Both persons were eventually arrested and taken to the Besson Street Police Station where PC Campbell continued enquiries.

During the same exercise, officers allegedly seized a black bag containing a Glock Pistol with eight rounds of nine millimetre ammunition. Around 11:15 pm, while on patrol at Upper St. John Street, Laventille, the same group of officers observed two men in dark clothing standing in an alleyway. On seeing the approaching Police Vehicle, the men fled the area. The officers pursued but were unable to apprehend the men. A black bag, allegedly dropped by one of the men, was recovered. Enquiries are continuing.