A Canadian man and a Guyanese woman have been charged with trafficking counterfeit ATM cards and possession of card-making equipment.

The Police Servive said the couple’s arrest of the two followed several weeks of extensive investigations by officers of the Fraud Squad’s ABM Task Force.

Kingson Yogonathan, 30, a Canadian national, of Pine Place, Mausica, has been charged with two counts of trafficking in counterfeit cards and one count of possession of card-making equipment while Geeta Mohabir, 27, a Guyanese national, of the same address, was charged with one count of possession of card-making equipment and one count of trafficking in counterfeit cards.

The two were held by officers of the ABM Task Force, during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Northern and Central Divisions between last Thursday and Friday.

During the exercise, officers went to an apartment at Pine Place, Mausica, where they observed a man leaving the premises in a motor vehicle.

The car was intercepted and the man searched, which resulted in four counterfeit cards, along with several ATM receipts, being found hidden in his left shoe.

A further search of the apartment resulted in one bulletproof vest, a red dot scope, a quantity of card skimming equipment and a quantity of counterfeit cards being found and seized. A female suspect, who lives at the address, was also detained in connection with the finds. Yogonathan and Mohabir were charged with the offences by PC Solozano, of the ABM Task Force on Saturday 6.