Darren Ramsingh,and his bride-to-be Shivonne Sookram.

It’s not only a time of fear and gloom, but also unwavering love. Underscoring this is one young couple who was forced to postpone their intimate wedding ceremony. However, although unable to officially seal the deal, the young couple instead chose to become husband and wife in their own special way, proving that love not only overcomes all obstacles but can also conquer the coronavirus.

Darren Ramsingh, 27 and Shivonne Sookram, 25 had an elegant affair carded for April 11.

Their venue was booked, photographers secured and down payments made an entire year before their wedding date. As their big day drew close so too did the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic which led to the implementation of a Stay-at-Home order and restrictions on many services.

But it is said that love is patient, and the young couple remained hopeful, enduring the virus’ circumstances.

According to Shivonne, the thought of not having their dream wedding has left her with a heavy heart, “we were looking forward to this for the longest while and even the week up until the wedding I was like should we get married.”

Sparked during their time at the University of the West Indies, Darren and Shivonne’s love for each other raged on.

Five years later they were all set to start a new chapter in their lives, even if it meant scaling down the elaborately planned dream day due to the coronavirus.

After opting to defer their wedding date, Darren remained determined to still make their dream become a reality.

“Although we couldn’t get married on that day, I wanted to do something memorable…something she would remember, so I printed a couple of pictures from our pre-wedding shoot, and I put little notes behind them, I hid them around her room, and the last note I wrote that I know she wanted to sign something so I wrote that on this day I promise you we will get married, we will have a great life and we both signed it.”

An unofficial ceremony was even conducted where the couple was pronounced man and wife.

While COVID-19 may have delayed their exchange of vows, the couple insisted they will have each other’s hand in marriage any day, anytime.

Darren and Shivonne say they will continue to monitor the situation and then determine when they will tie the knot at the ceremony they both set their heart on.