The accused attacked another prisoner while in the Court's holding cell block, on Tuesday

A prisoner who stabbed another prisoner on Tuesday whilst in the holding cell block of the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court, has been sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, 12 of which will be hard labour.

Nigel McSween, 33, of Pierre Trace in Enterprise, was charged for maliciously wounding Makeel Simon, 29, of Kestrel Boulevard, Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas.

McSween also was charged for having a shank (an improvised weapon) in his possession.

When called upon by First Court Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan, McSween pleaded guilty to the offences.

He was then sentenced to one year hard labour for maliciously wounding and three months for having the shank.

The court heard that at about 9.55 am on Tuesday, McSween was among six prisoners being escorted to the holding bay. On reaching inside, he reportedly took a small piece of metal from his clothing and slashed Simon above the left eyebrow.

A minor riot subsequently broke out, prompting the police officers at the court to call on soldiers for back-up.

Simon was taken to the Chaguanas Health Facility where he was treated and discharged back into police custody.