The month-long booster program, operating on a schedule based on the dates people received their second doses, is taking place at 17 locations.

Guardian Media visited one of the locations – the Queen’s Park Savannah – at around 10 am.

Guardian Media observed a steady flow of people going for their booster shots.

According to Andrew Cabrera, who received a Pfizer vaccine as his booster, everything went well.

He said receiving a Pfizer shot as a booster to his initial AstraZeneca shots did not concern him.

“I’m comfortable…They say you have to take a booster for this virus that is spreading. I don’t know what this variant is bringing when it reach Trinidad, so I took my booster shot to be alright,” Cabrera said.

“This disease will kill you, so I’m making sure I live a little longer. I don’t know how long, but a little longer.”

A woman, who preferred to remain unnamed, said she had no complaints about the process.

Saying she was in and out of QPS within an hour, she said she received a Pfizer booster shot.

“I feel very comfortable. I don’t have any issue at all. If I had an issue, I probably wouldn’t take it. I have to do what I have to do to keep myself safe,” she said.

Lawrence Phillip-Luces, who also received a Pfizer booster, called on others to vaccinate.

He said he is deeply concerned by the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

“People must take their vaccine. It’s the only way we will get relief. Yesterday was what? 600 something cases? 25 deaths on Sunday? 896? That ain’t making sense,” Phillip-Luces said.

“We are fully vaccinated now, so we will hardly go in the hospital, but who ain’t get vaccinated will end up in hospital.”

Phillip-Luces said he would support any attempts by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley to put stricter measurements in place to get more people vaccinated.

“The idea of stricter measurements is very good, but people in Trinidad don’t listen, you know. It’s lawlessness,” he said.

The voluntary vaccine booster program will run until January 7th.

People who received two doses of AstraZeneca or Pfizer shots will receive a Pfizer shot as their booster shot.

Recipients of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, a single-shot vaccine, will be able to choose between another Johnson and Johnson or Pfizer.

Those who received Sinopharm vaccines will only be entitled to a Sinopharm booster shot.

Reporter: Joshua Seemungal