The COVID-19 virus has forced many to return to basic regular use of soap and sanitizer. not only for hands and face, but for clothing, and immediate surroundings.

After about six months Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, Minister of Health, Terrence Deyalsingh along with the Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roshan, Parasram are appealing for everyone to wear mask and be obedient to the scientific strategy of our COVID-19 protocol.

When this is not heeded, we usually wait till last minute when we experience a surge especially with the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases and run to do the right thing.

Recently, I heard a caller to a popular radio station indicting that hand sanitizer can send an alcoholic anonymous person back to the bottle. Even bar drinkers postulate that consuming alcohol, especially beers can save them from the COVID=19 virus. What utter nonsense!

Related, the job of a cleaner could now move up in ranks; thanks to the COVID-19 experience of serious concern for health which is a great wealth.

Of course, the new normal is not fake news and we must be vigilant in patriotism and trust that the medical experts are doing their best to curtail the virus spread in our lovely twin-island state of Trinidad and Tobago.

Finally, no one should be without a face mask. It is like wearing a hat, but this time it your nose and mouth. Whatever happened to the freely distributed mask? I hope it is not under your chin, forehead or in your pocket. If you experience problems inhaling and exhaling properly, seek to obtain a proper measured mask that suits your face.

But I am truly disappointed that as mature citizens, we have prompted our caring government to pass the law of wearing a face mask in general. I guess we like it so! But prevention is better than cure.