Larry Haywood, COVID test to be performed after popular folk drummer dies.

A COVID-19 test is expected to be conducted on Larry “Michael Larry” Haywood who suddenly passed away on Sunday evening after complaining of respiratory difficulties.

According to his brother, Garry Haywood, the 41-year-old began experiencing mild flu-like symptoms last Monday.

“He was sick and he had no fever, he had no problems with breathing, he had no complications. The only thing is he was feeling weak. That’s the only thing,” Haywood said.

He said Larry had no underlying health conditions and was otherwise healthy.

“He was normal…only Sunday morning he get up and bathe and in the evening, just so, he just say he can’t breathe,” he said.

Haywood said they had a Ventolin inhaler (typically used for asthmatics) on hand which he used.

“He pump, he pump, he say he can’t breathe he can’t breathe. We call ambulance,” he said.

Unfortunately, he said within the 10 minutes it took the ambulance to arrive Larry died.

Larry was an active member of the North West Laventille Cultural Movement where he was a renowned folk drummer.

According to his brother, they were the reigning champions for numerous cultural competitions locally and have accompanied a host of calypsonians on stage.

Soca TV held a live stream on Facebook on Sunday evening where homage was paid to Haywood.