The photo which went viral on social media, showing the child kneeling on the roadside with his hands upraised.

The Child Protection Unit is trying to pinpoint the exact location in Carapichaima where a child was seen kneeling on the roadside with his hands upraised. 

This comes after a photograph of the boy kneeling by a gate in front of a house began circulating on social media. The child is believed to be around 10 years old. Motorists reportedly saw the child kneeling with his hands up in the air around 5:30 pm on Monday.

This angered social media users who called for the child’s parents to be arrested, describing this form of punishment as cruel and inhumane. Head of the CPU Insp Claire Guy-Alleyne said the matter was brought to their attention this morning, and confirmed it is being actively pursued.

“Our team in Central is actually out trying to locate the address in an effort to interview the child, to see what information can be obtained.” 

The CPU head had no information about why the child was kneeling on the roadside and declined to comment further on the matter until police officers spoke with the child and his guardians.