Dr Danielle Elliott at the Scarborough Library.

Former university professor and Princeton and Yale-trained educator, Dr Danielle Elliott, believes she has crafted into a three-day mini-course, the key to unlocking the number one issue that affects lower secondary students—comprehension.

In the appropriately titled Mini-Course, Cracking the Comprehension Code, Dr Elliott’s main aim is to strengthen the most valuable skill students need, the ability to identify and articulate the main ideas in any written text.

The premise behind the programme is that strong reading skills are essential, all across the entire curriculum.

This means that no matter what they happen to be studying, whether the sciences, literature, social studies or even word problems in Mathematics, the key to success is understanding what the text is saying. This is what is meant by “cracking the comprehension code.”

Bright Antilles, the organisation through which the course is offered, see communication as more than exam preparation, but as a necessary life skill. Cracking the Comprehension Code, therefore, is a chance to expand on a skill that will improve performance in every subject area.

Designed for those students just now entering forms one to three, the course promises that those who enrol will be equipped and ready to expand their learning in a whole new way. Classes will be conducted online. To ensure individualised attention in small groups, courses are capped at ten students. Enrolment is on a rolling basis.