Police Commissioner Gary Griffith

The country has seen a 25 percent drop in crime this year, with 64 fewer murders occurring, when compared with trends in 2019.

That assertion from Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, as he commended all police officers “for their exemplary and professional conduct during the 2020 General Elections”.

“At least 95 percent of police officers turned out for duty at Monday’s General Election,” Commissioner Griffith reports in an official statement released today by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

“That figure could have been higher, but several police officers had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, while many others were in quarantine,” he said.

Commissioner Griffith said police officers reported for duty as early as 2 am on Monday and worked until every polling station had completed the counting of votes. He said apart from the Election Day duty, officers of the TTPS also had to carry out their daily routine of policing and ensuring the country was safe.

“From all reports I’ve received, the officers of the TTPS were very professional, ensuring that all the Public Health Ordinance guidelines were enforced at polling stations,” he said.

Commissioner Griffith stated that the TTPS has been functioning non-stop over the last nine months, moving from the Local Government Elections on December 2, to Christmas, to Carnival and to the COVID-19 lockdown which started in March 2020.

He said his officers were working towards reducing the crime rate in the country and have incorporated new technology to support that effort.

Commissioner Griffith said as of today’s date, there were 64 fewer murders than the corresponding period last year, while overall crime had dropped by 25 percent.