Sir Hilary Beckles.

The Independent Review Team convened by the Chairman of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), Professor Sir Hilary Beckles has completed its investigation and has made several recommendations.

The team was established after CXC received thousands of complaints from students from around the Caribbean region regarding their CSEC and CAPE exam grades.
Some of the recommendations for the immediate term (2020)are that CXC should, reasonably extend the deadline beyond Friday, October 23, for submission of Requests for Reviews (RFR), reduce the cost for Requests for Reviews (RFR) for this recent 2020 sitting of exams, revert to the pre-January 2018 position and practice where a Review included a remark, and expedite Requests for Reviews (RFR), particularly for scripts that are borderline single grade changes.”

The team also suggested that for a predetermined period immediately after the publication of grades, this year and thereafter, “a Request for Review (RFR) Portal should be created and be visibly accessible on CXC webpage – similarly prominent as the invitation to take a survey when CXC website is initially accessed.”
It adds that CXC should create and formalize Emergency Request for Review (ERFR) Portal to address RFR from students with expectations for scholarships pending the status of their assessments and award of grade.

It is also suggesting that CXC “abandon” its policy and practice of grade diminution in CXC’s declaration “ your script may result in your overall Grade either increasing, decreasing or remaining the that a review of

Reporter: Chester Sambrano