Kadijah Flament.

Officers of the Homicide Bureau have asked the Cyber Crime Unit to track down the origin of a series of posts on the Facebook account of 24-year-old Princes Town mother Kadijah Flament almost three weeks after she disappeared.

Four messages were posted on her page on Monday afternoon, stating that she was alive and well and “taking a break” in Tobago.

But, her mother, Anastasia, Flament, who has been leading several searches in areas within Ste Madeleine, Princes Town, Debe and Gasparillo since her disappearance, has dismissed the posts as fake.

She said the image uploaded with the posts was an old photo of her daughter.

In a telephone interview, she said, “Probably, somebody hacked her phone. I haven’t gone through Facebook to see if I see anything else, but it fake anyhow because the pictures are old pictures.”

Anastasia, who has been searching relentlessly for her daughter, believes the person who created the posts was trying to throw them off.

“I feel they probably realise we (searching) in the right place direction and trying to throw us off,” she said.

However, the mother said she will continue to search until her daughter is found.

She said, “It had plenty rain today I think that says we were under an Orange Alert, but tomorrow we out there.”

Flament believes her daughter was murdered and is hoping to find her body to get closure.

Last week, police found burnt remains in a garbage site off Reform Road, Gasparillo while they were searching for Flament.

A skull, bones and teeth were found and have been sent to the Forensic Science Centre for analysis.

Investigators are still awaiting word from forensic experts on whether the remains belonged to a man or woman.

Flament’s mother, however, confirmed that DNA samples were taken from her yesterday to send for testing.

The first Facebook post around 3 pm stated read: “I am okay guys, I am okay, I am in Tobago wtf. Allyuh saying I dead I just needed a break, will come home when I ready, I have no phone. I now say let me log in and all this s**t.”

Within minutes another post appeared, stating: “So bad alyuh want me dead.” This was followed by another post ten minutes later which read: “Lol, now self I staying way I is, how much places allyuh find meh body.”

The final post, which was accompanied by a photo of Flament, stated, “I alive and well.”

Kadijah was last seen by relatives on June 7 when she left her home to visit her daughter at a friend’s apartment in San Fernando.

Flament’s daughter is now is in a safe house.

A woman detained in connection with her disappearance was in quarantine in her apartment under police guard.

However, last Friday she was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital and then transferred to St Ann’s Hospital where she is still detained after a video of her naked at her apartment window and acting erratically went viral on social media.