Evans Ryan washes the blood off the road after Trevor Hospedales was shot dead yesterday along the SS Erin Road, Santa Flora.

Kevon Felmine

“I ain’t do nothing boy,” Trevor Hospedales cried out as he cowered under the gun of his killer yesterday.

Hospedales, 47, was walking along the busy SS Erin Road in Santa Flora after buying fresh produce from a vendor when the gunman attacked. In a matter of seconds, he was lying facedown on the hot asphalt with blood oozing from his head.

Residents said around 11 am, a man wearing a hoodie and mask got out of a car in Jacob Settlement. He saw Hospedales’ sons and approached them, asking for their father. When the sons told the man that Hospedales went down the road, he waited on the roadside.

As Hospedales walked toward a track leading to his home, the gunman opened fire on him.Hospedales’ neighbour Evans Ryan said he was at the back of his home working when he heard 12 rapid gunshots. When he came out, he said he saw Hospedales lying on the road.

Describing it as a sad situation, Ryan said Hospedales left home to purchase items to cook Sunday lunch. He said although the gunman approached Hospedales’ sons wearing a hoodie and face mask, it seemed normal. Even after the incident, the boys did not know their father had been killed until he told them.

“It is kind of sad but I have been telling my neighbours that Morvant and Laventille is no longer a place, it is a situation. These are things that we know happen in Morvant and Laventille. Now it is happening all over the country. It is kind of sad, but …” Ryan said.

The murder happened a short distance away from the Santa Flora Police Station. Officers responded quickly but up to late yesterday, there was no suspect in custody. (KF)