The daughter of retired West Indies cricketer Mervyn Dillon was the pilot trainee in Tuesday’s plane crash in Piarco and according to her father, the incident will not derail her dream of becoming a pilot.

The 24-year-old has been identified as Merelle Dillion.

In a phone interview with Guardian Media yesterday, the former West Indies Cricketer said Merelle was discharged from hospital and was in some discomfort.

He added that the medication his daughter was given is helping but he will monitor her over the next few days.

But overall Dillion said he is happy his daughter is safe and he is sure this will not be a deterrent for her to continue her journey of becoming a pilot.

Guardian Media understands that Civil Aviation Authority will be investigating the crash.

We were told that Civil Aviation along with other agencies will be looking into the incident and a report is expected to be submitted once it is completed.

It is not clear how long the probe is expected to take.

Yesterday officials were removing the plane wreck from the site, with assistance from Kallco Company Limited.

On Tuesday, around 9:48 am Flight Instructor Randell James of Aerial World Services Ltd was conducting a training flight with Merelle Dillon when the aircraft that they were flying, Reg No 9Y-TJU a Diamond DA40 Light 4 Seater Aeroplane, crashed while landing on runway 10 at Piarco International Airport.

It is believed the plane experienced mechanical difficulties and the trainee pilot had to execute a forced landing on the northern bank of the Oropune River.

Aerial World Services Manager, Nigel Ramsahai told Guardian Media that flight instructor Randell James was also discharged from hospital and is doing well.

He added that the aircraft will return to its hanger at Aerial World Service in Couva.

The aircraft is estimated to cost $600,000 US.