Leston Henry

A day of laughter, games and drinks ended tragically for a Claxton Bay family when a dispute between close members ended in murder.

Leston “Coco Tea” Henry, 29, died on his sister Landie Job’s mattress after another female relative stabbed him near their home along Hill Crest Drive.

The suspect, a 28-year-old mother of four, surrendered to police upon their arrival on Thursday night.

Job juggled emotions as she spoke to Guardian Media yesterday.

At times she fought back tears when speaking of the void created by Henry’s death. She burst into a smile as she recalled his miserable but fun nature.

Job recalled that on Thursday, Henry flew kites with his nieces and nephews, played Ludo and drank alcoholic drinks with his siblings.

“Yesterday they were playing and having a few drinks. They were under a house and then came across by us to play Wappi. He had a little bit of cash in his pocket and that finished so he went by his mother to get some. When he came back, he pushed my little niece, not hard, but she fell. I said ‘watch how a big creole like you doing that, and she (suspect) heard me talking to him. He did not throw down the child for spite but she and he started to argue.

She wanted to rush him but she did not get that opportunity. Then, a little while after, she hit him with a bat. I spoke to her and told her that she could not do that. I put her to sit down so she would calm down and I went inside for a while. I told her to go lie down and rest herself, and we would deal with it in the morning,” Job said.

Some time passed and when Job looked out her home, she saw them at a neighbour’s house.

“Big argument again. She kicked him off the chair. Then I saw them hugged up tightly and rolling. Then I just saw blood. Nobody saw any stabbing.”

As Henry’s blood gushed, relatives took him to a pipe to wash off so they can see the wound. They brought him into Job’s home.

“I want her” were the last words Henry uttered before he died.

Couva police responded and arrested the suspect who sat outside the Holy Cross RC Church on the Cedar Hill Road.

Police also recovered a weapon.

Job said, “Every family has a falling-out but nobody ever raised a knife here. I heard about parents losing a child and I always said thank God it is not one of us, but that changed.”

Job believes alcohol contributed to the tragedy.

Relatives said at 14 years old, Henry was incarcerated for murder but was released in 2018.

Despite his freedom, he was unable to work because of seizures.

He made a few dollars helping vendors at the Claxton Bay Fishing Depot.