PICTURE COURTESY South Eastern Hunters Association

The Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries is advising the public that the deadline date for the submission of mandatory data forms for the 2019/2020 hunting season is May 31.

Conservator of Forests, Denny Dipchansingh advised the call was made in accordance with Regulations 2 (3) of the Conservation of Wild Life Regulations made under Section 24 of the Conservation of Wild Life Act, Chapter 67:01.

He said current stay-at-home measures had affected the Forestry Division’s normal operating hours and as such, restricted hunters from submitting their data forms in a timely manner.

Dipchansingh said Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat had since amended the regulations to extend the original deadline from May 31 to July 31.

The Forestry Division is, therefore, reminding people who are in receipt of the mandatory data forms to please visit any of its locations and submit their forms in the collection boxes.