UNC councilor for Debe West Purushottam Singh, who died on Saturday.

Two months after Debe residents protested for the Government to call a bye-election for Debe-South, February 7 has been declared that day.

The electoral district of Debe-South became vacant following the death of Penal-Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC) councillor Purushottam Singh on February 14, 2021.

Last November, PDRC chairman Dr Allen Sammy said the vacancy was unfair as residents were left unrepresented.

Sammy said the failure of the Government to call the bye-election nine months later was a clear case of geographical discrimination.

But a media release from the Office of the Prime Minister yesterday stated that Rowley advised President Paula-Mae Weekes that the bye-election for Debe-South would be held on February 7.

Rowley also advised Weekes that Nomination Day would be on January 17 and requested that the Writ of Election be issued following the provisions of Section 29 of the Municipal Corporations Act, Chapter 24:04.

In response, Sammy welcomed the announcement. He said other councillors were helping to take care of Debe-South, but the residents require proper representation.

“The first thing people want is a place to express how they feel and what we try to do is give them a small measure of employment through our programmes. We try to set them up with external activity, so we may invite community development to do a course there because these are the interests of the people who have lost their jobs,” Sammy said.